In the Beginning...

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In the beginning was Man…and Man was lonely. Although he was given animal companions (Lion, Bear, and Eagle) called Kindreds, still there was a longing for more. Father, all too aware of His creation’s inner desires, dispatched an angel named Eva. The pairing ultimately exacerbated the situation—the crux coming from Man’s misplaced and, at the time, unfamiliar physical response during the throes of a spirited debate. Father heeded the call as Man cried out and quickly put him to sleep.


About Chris Fillmore

Chris Fillmore is a father of two daughters, and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. He's written for,, and currently maintains a blog. He enjoys the challenge of writing in any genre; science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and thriller to name a few.



In the time between the lines…

A small creature scurried across the vast plain with a resounding sense of purpose—a deep, palpable tenacity, compelling enough to have it set out on this unknown quest. Seemingly directionless, yet an ethereal beacon emanating from an unknown source guided it.


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